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ESV and SpaceChain at the Consensus press conference

ESV together with the SpaceChain have participated in an online press conference at the Consensus by Coindesk in New York. Consensus is an event that gathers all professionals from different part of the world that shares their expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. 
At the Consensus Eurasian Space Ventures have presented two projects such as, Biteeu – virtual currency exchange and Divine - a community project that leverages space technologies to broadcast the Quran audio complimentary to Muslims and anyone looking to understand the Sacred Text of Islam across the world. 

CONSENSUS press conference participants
Eurasian Space Ventures representatives:
Shukhrat Ibragimov - Founder
Talgat Dossanov - Executive Director

SpaceChain representatives:
Zee Zheng - Co-founder and CEO
Jeff Garzik - Co-founder and CTO