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ESV at Digital Bridge 2022 Astana

At the Digital Bridge 2022 forum, the ESV team presented an experimental space module. This is a ground-based experimental complex for conducting model studies of space flights and scientific experiments, which has no analogues on the Eurasian continent.
The experimental center includes an engineering module with an imitation of a command post, a service module, a residential module, and a life support module. Up to 5 specialists can work at the command post at the same time. Workstations are equipped with touch controls and auxiliary screens that display on-board statistics. The service module in the form of a meeting room allows for collective work, communication with the station and planning for solving problems. The residential module is equipped with everything necessary for human life and is divided into 3 zones: a compact kitchen with a dining area, a bedroom in the form of bunk beds and wardrobes for personal use, as well as a bathroom and mini-toilet. Each of the modules of the center can work autonomously, as it is directly connected to the life support module, inside which all communications are located.